Parish church dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, Gudja

In 1436, Gudja’s Bir Miftuħ chapel was mentioned as one of the 10 parishes by Bishop Senatore de Mello on his pastoral visit to Malta.

The Gudja chapel served as a parish not only for the residents of the locality but for a number of other nearby villages. In time a number of these villages started having their own parish church and so were separated from the Bir Miftuħ parish. For this reason, Gudja is known as the mother of many, hence the village’s motto Pluribus Parens.

In the mid-17th century, by request of the Gudja community, a new parish church which still exists today was built. The majestic church, dedicated to the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven, dominates the village of Gudja of which its design is attributed to Tumas Dingli. In the early 1800s there were changes to the façade to embrace the baroque style of the time which also incorporated two bell towers. Later that century, in the 1860s, a third bell tower was added designed by architect William Baker in a neoclassical style.

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority scheduled the parish church as a Grade 1 monument on August 26 as per Government Notice 782.

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