'Hunger striker' wants no medical assistance

'Hunger striker' wants no medical assistance

Updated - Adds comment by Mr Cini on his medical condition

 A Cospicua man who is on a hunger strike to demand Austin Gatt's resignation, said in a new video today that he wants no medical intervention if he is taken ill.

The man, Emanuel Cini, who suffers a stroke-like condition, wants the minister to resign over the failure of the transport reform.

In his first video posted on You Tube yesterday, Mr Cini said he is on a hunger strike at his “prison” – his home. He said he used to catch bus 22 to Marsascala.

There, he used to take a dip in St Thomas Bay and receive therapy at Inspire. However, he claims not to have caught a single bus since the new service started, as it takes three buses to get there, and he could not risk staying out in the sun because of his condition.

“I want the resignation of Austin Gatt and I want the Prime Minister to do his job and fire him himself for his sheer incompetence,” Mr Cini says on the video.

“He wanted a House of Commons salary but I see no House of Commons behaviour here,” Mr Cini adds, echoing Labour leader Joseph Muscat’s comments on the Cabinet.


Mr Cini, referring to one of the comments below, told timesofmalta.com that he does not suffer from toxoplasmosis and he was in a generally good state of health.

He said he was given the all clear for toxoplasmosis on December 1, 2009 and he had since then thrown away every singe pill including his retrovirals.

"I have come a long way since then," he said.

 He also did not suffer any dementia related to toxoplasmosis.

On his HIV status, he said he had taken two tests abroad.  One came back negative and the other indeterminate. Therefore, he did not believe that the HIV thing was worth bothering about.

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