The Salini are the largest of the remaining coastal marshes of the Maltese islands. This area is home to an array of rare habitats and species, including habitats based on rushes and tamarisk groves.

The Tas-Sokkorsu canal, running along the left and to the right of the salt pans, is home to one of the three populations of the Maltese killifish (il-bużaqq), which is the only brackish water (water which has a salinity intermediate between that of seawater and freshwater) fish endemic to the Maltese islands.

It also provides fresh water to the marsh habitat (a type of wetland that is subject to frequent or continuous flood).

Pockets of garigue remnants are found on the border of the salt marsh.

Salini played an important part in the history of salt production in Malta.

This Natura 2000 site will be subject to the preparation of a management plan and/or legislation in the near future, as part of an EU-funded project that Mepa is undertaking for the management planning all the terrestrial Natura 2000 sites of the Maltese islands.

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