Updated: Angelik Caruana in Vatican incident

Two Maltese, including Angelik Caruana, the man who says he sees vision of Our Lady at Borg In-Nadur, have been involved in an incident during the weekly Papal audience at the Vatican.

Ansa news agency said that the two tried to jump over the barriers while shouting that they wanted to present a letter to His Holiness. The incident happened this afternoon in Pope Paul VI Hall at the start of the general audience.

Fr Ciro Benedittini, deputy director of the Vatican Press Office said that their envelope was being given to the Pope. He said it contained 'devotional messages'.

The audience proceeded normally.

A spokesman for the group which gathers at Borg in-Nadur said:

“During the audience, Angelik Caruana stood up and called out to the Holy Father “Santità!” and waved a sealed letter for the Pope. Security personnel told Angelik to go with them and inquired about what he wanted. They promised to pass the letter on. Angelik was then invited to continue to participate at the Papal audience.”

He denied that the two tried to jump over the barriers.

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