They said it here

They said it here

The second part of the more memorable quotes in The Sunday Times’ weekly interview slot throughout 2010.

“In this business, 80 per cent of football agents are crooks”

Footballer - Daniel Bogdanovic (June 20)

“I am not authoritarian and it is a great challenge for me whenever I have to impose a decision”

Archbishop - Paul Cremona (June 27)

“In certain circumstances, I would say it is almost the party’s Christian duty to introduce divorce”

Philosopher, columnist - Peter Serracino Inglott (July 11)

“There will come a time when we will say we can’t let a particular airline grow beyond a certain figure”

MTA CEO - Josef Formosa Gauci (July 18)

“The situation was not serious but devastating: ST had decided to leave”

Finance Minister - Tonio Fenech (July 25)

“The message is clear: Watch it because you’re going to pay for it”

Mepa chairman - Austin Walker (August 1)

“You had to be good at the 100 metres sprint to cover the political meetings because they were always chasing us”

Former The Times photographer - Frank Attard (August 8)

“If the Prime Minister asks me to leave, then I will just get out of politics”

Former Sliema mayor - Nikki Dimech (August 22)

“Sometimes I am appalled by the way some lawyers behave in family law cases”

Former Chief Justice - Vincent De Gaetano (September 5)

“No authority or government would dare stop the production of fireworks”

Lija fireworks secretary - Joseph Mangion (September 12)

“Mintoff came up to me and warned me I risked being shot if I forged ahead with the threat”

Former Labour Minister - Daniel Micallef (October 3)

“I’m not worried about the physical pain (after the car accident); that will heal. It’s the emotional and spiritual side that is the hardest”

US Ambassador - Douglas Kmiec (October 10)

“In principle I am against submitting minority rights to referendums but if that is a political solution so be it”

Judge - Giovanni Bonello (October 17)

“For every person who tried to help I met someone who wanted to bring me down”

Refugee - Zakaria Al Noor (October 24)

“Libya is open to any independent investigation as far as immigration is concerned”

Libyan Ambassador - Saadun Suayeh (October 31)

“It’s time to move on... I think it’s time to pave the way for other people”

Transport Minister - Austin Gatt (November 14)

“Our national team scheme is run by arrogant people who abuse their power”

MFA President - Norman Darmanin Demajo (December 5)

“Life is beautiful, despite the state I’m in”

Cancer sufferer - Annabelle Vassallo (December 18)

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