Tiffany faces her big night

Tiffany faces her big night

Britain’s Next Top Model semi-finalists: From left, Tiffany Pisani, Alisha White and Joy McLaren, on Millennium Bridge, London. Photo: Katie Collins/PA Wire

Britain’s Next Top Model semi-finalists: From left, Tiffany Pisani, Alisha White and Joy McLaren, on Millennium Bridge, London. Photo: Katie Collins/PA Wire

It’s the big night tonight for aspiring Maltese model Tiffany Pisani, taking part in the sixth series of Britain’s Next Top Model reality television programme.

Miss Pisani, 18, who has made it to today’s live final of Britain’s Next Top Model together with two Londoners, Alisha White and Joy McLaren, is “very, very nervous”.

Speaking from London, she said: “I’m trying to keep nerves at bay by focusing on practising to perfection all the work I have to do during the live show just to make sure I feel confident. But I’m so nervous right now.”

The final showdown among the three girls will be broadcast live on Living TV at 10 p.m. (Malta time). Carina Camilleri, Tiffany’s agent, who is also in London, said the show would have a limited studio audience of 250. “Tickets are not up for sale and it will be mostly made up of family members and sponsors,” she explained.

Familiar faces will be cheering Miss Pisani in the studio this evening – her parents and sister, her boyfriend, and a few other relatives and friends.

“It really helps that they’ll be there and I really appreciate their taking the time to come and support me because it makes a whole world of difference to me,” she said. Among the studio audience there will also be the marketing manager and representatives of New Look UK, her main sponsor.

The winner will be chosen exclusively through public voting, however, Maltese viewers will not be able to cast their vote.

Ms Pisani, who was eligible to take part because her mother is British, does not think her Maltese surname makes a difference for the British audience: “There are many foreigners living in the UK. I don’t think I stand less of a chance because I’m only half British.”

Voting is restricted to viewers resident in the UK and the Republic of Ireland and can only take place at a specific time window during tonight’s programme. According to the BNTM regulations, one can vote up to 500 times from any one telephone number. Voting closes during the live show.

Ms Camilleri, said: “We are urging everyone to tell friends and relatives who live in the UK and Ireland to vote for Tiffany on phone number 09011 32 42 – 03.”

The winner will be the contestant who receives the most valid votes during the vote window and the results will be announced at the end of the show.

The regulations say that in the event of a tie between contestants, the final decision will be made by the panel of Britain’s Next Top Model judges, supermodel Elle Macpherson, fashion designer Julien Macdonald, stylist and creative director Grace Woodward and top male model Charley Speed.

Ms Pisani has been in London for the past week, working on photo-shoots and promoting the BNTM final through interviews on other shows on different television stations. Yesterday, it was a full day rehearsal from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Today, it will be another early start: “Because tonight’s show is going to be live we have to make sure that everything is perfectly timed,” she said.

Having made it to the BNTM final is already a huge thing for Ms Pisani. But is she finding the competition gruelling at this final stage? “Well, I think the closer we’re getting to the final, the more nervous Alishia, Joy and I are becoming. Excitement is running high now.”

Whatever the outcome it’s all going to be taken in good spirit according to Ms Camilleri, who says it will definitely be party time at the end of the show. “After the show, we’re all heading to the After Party.”

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