Great Siege monument restored

Video: Mark Zammit Cordina, Paul Spiteri Lucas

A recently completed professional intervention on the Great Siege monument in Republic Street, should preserve the monument’s material as best as possible, James Licari, architect in charge of the project told .

The work was carried out thanks to a sponsorship by FIMBank plc, in collaboration with the heritage NGO, Din l-Art Ħelwa. Heritage ResCo was in charge of the restoration.

Designed by Antonio Sciortino, one of Malta’s top artists of the 20th century, it consists of a granite base supporting three figures.

The female on the left, holding a papal tiara in her right hand, symbolises faith. The female on the right holds a mask of Minerva in her left hand, representing civilisation. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and the arts whom the Greeks called Athena. The male, standing in the middle,-portrays valour and holds a sword and a shield.

This bronze sculpture lies in Great Siege Square, opposite the law courts and by St John’s Co-Cathedral.

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