Tiffany continues to impress

Tiffany continues to impress

Tiffany Pisani was asked to pose as a girl who hated her looks, for an anti-bullying campaign. Photo: Thumbs Up Productions for Living TV.

Tiffany Pisani was asked to pose as a girl who hated her looks, for an anti-bullying campaign. Photo: Thumbs Up Productions for Living TV.

Maltese model Tiffany Pisani has continued to impress the Britain's Next Top Model judges, securing her place in the final 10 and being showered with praise by UK pop star Nicola Roberts, of Girls Aloud fame.

During Monday night's episode, where the judges took the unusual step of eliminating two of the contestants, the girls were photographed for an imaginary campaign against bullying.

Tiffany, the Maltese aspirant in the reality TV competition, was asked to stare into a mirror and pretend to be upset about the way she looked.

She was still upset about the short haircut given to her in the previous episode, so the depressed look may have come to her more easily.

"Every single shot sold the story," said Ms Roberts, this week's guest judge who was overseeing the photo shoot.

She later told the rest of the judging panel that Tiffany was so convincing she "could be an actress".

The 18-year-old blonde from Attard has already been compared to Andy Warhol's muse Edie Sedgwick thanks to her "pixie" haircut, which the judges said could turn her into an "icon".

During Monday's episode, the girls also attended their first "gosees", where they met top fashion designers who were so harsh in their criticism of one of the girls they convinced the judges to get rid of her instantly.

On the other hand, they were pleased with Tiffany's efforts and commented that she had what it took to become a top model.

Meanwhile, as the competition started to heat up, the back-stabbing between the remaining girls has begun in earnest, as it does in every season of the much-following worldwide franchise.

And Tiffany is not one to shy away from criticising the other girls.

In fact, during the show, she poked fun at one of the girls, Harleen Kaur Nottay, who was struggling with a photo shoot. She joked that if she got eliminated before Harleen, she would stop modelling altogether.

Sure enough, Tiffany was third to be saved from elimination and Harleen became the fourth of the 14 finalists to be asked to leave.

Britain's Next Top Model is shown on Living TV at 10 p.m. on Monday nights.

Tiffany started out about three years ago by joining a model scouting competition called Xfm Virtual Model and was immediately snapped up by Pink magazine, published by Allied Newspapers, for its fashion photo shoots.

She was able to take part in the TV show because her mother is British.

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