Protecting the most significant buildings, monuments and features of Pembroke (17)

St George's Tower, St George's Bay

The two coastal towers that were built by the Order of St John somehow stand on the opposite limits of Pembroke. St George's Tower is one of a series of coastal watch-towers financed by Grand Master Juan de Lascaris-Castellar and its structure is very identical to the Madliena Tower. It is located in the former Pembroke Cantonments on the western tip of the entrance into St George's Bay.

The British authorities retained the tower as a guard post overlooking St George's Bay but when Fort Pembroke and later Pembroke Battery were built, it was converted into a Fire Control Station. During World War II the tower served as a radio communication post linking various parts of Malta's defences and later to indicate a warning to civilian vessels that live firing is taking place on the Pembroke Ranges and to steer well beyond the safety limits. In 1997, the Fire Control Tower added by the British was removed and the tower was incorporated within the grounds of a hotel.

Mepa scheduled St George's Tower as Grade 1 property of historic, architectural and contextual value as per Government Notice number 729/95 dated November 23, 1995.

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