Protecting the most significant buildings, monuments and features of Pembroke (9)

St Patrick's Barracks, Pembroke

This barracks complex in Pembroke was built in 1938 as additional facilities to accommodate the increase of troop allocation to Malta. Located near the small military cemetery adjacent to the main coastal road, the new barracks was named St Patrick's Barracks after the Patron Saint of Ireland.

The principal building is the large, four-storied barrack block which could serve as a hospital should the need arise and facilitated with a large parade ground and motorised transport park.

The barracks also consists of separate soldiers' and officers' living quarters, work-shops and transport facilities, messes and other auxiliary facilities, many of which were completed as late as 1948. Between the main barracks and the foreshore an Officers Mess and camp area for Territorial troops was built in the 1960s.

In 1969, the barracks was passed to the Maltese government and became the headquarters of the Malta Land Force, which later became the Armed Forces of Malta. When in 1979 the British Forces departed from Malta, the AFM moved to the former RAF Luqa barracks and

St Patrick's was converted as a public secondary school for girls. The Territorial Mess and Camp were incorporated as part of the International Tourism Studies complex. Mepa scheduled St Patrick's Barracks in 1996 as a Grade 2 building of historic, architectural and contextual value as they forms part of a larger already scheduled military complex and were republished following a revision as per Government Notice number 880/09 dated October 30, 2009.

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