Robin Gibb’s musical reign

Just like the lush legendary landscape of the Isle of Man heralded the legendary Giants magical power to protect the island from invaders, back in the 1970s the Bee Gees sealed their names in a fusion of blinding light with their timeless music. Indeed like a powerful mantle their music still out paces a lot of what is considered popular music by today's standards.

From being born on the Isle of Man to being raised in Chorlton-cum-Hardy in Manchester and eventually settling in Australia Robin together with his brothers Barry and Maurice would be destined to revolutionise the face of disco music during the late 1970s.

Robin’s success is attributed to his musical effort in the movie soundtrack of Saturday Night Fever - the Rebel without a Cause for the 70s, where a sleek John Travolta proves he’s the dancing king every Saturday night. From the opening sequence where a leather clad slick looking Travolta jive walks to the Bee Gees’ Staying Alive to You Should Be Dancing where the Lord of the dance floor mesmerises the crowds with his dance moves; the film is jam packed with Bee Gees dance tracks that set the blueprint for things to come. Interestingly enough, it was thanks to Robin’s insistence that the film was called Saturday Night Fever as the film’s original title was Saturday Night.

The star would pursue a solo career with notable songs of the likes of How Old Are You, Secret Agent, and Walls Have Eyes which were more successful in Europe than in the UK or US. One of my personal favourites is his 1984 single Boys Do Fall in Love which managed to reach the Billboard top 40. This track is catchy because it captures the essence of New Romantic synthesised sounds that defined the mid-80s era.

Coincidentally, Robin's solo album, Magnet, was released in the same week as his twin brother Maurice’s sudden death, and featured the old Bee Gees aptly named classic Wish You Were Here. Not to mention the lead single, Please lyrics that deal with the loss of a loved one.

On October 25, 2008, to mark the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever topping the the UK charts, Robin appeared at the BBC’s Electric Proms performing alongside the notable singer of Maltese descent Sharleen Spiteri from Texas accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Last September die-hard Bee Gees fans wish was granted as after a break of six of years following the passing away of their brother Maurice the two surviving Gibb brothers Robin and Barry announced that they will perform again. Robin is notable for his passion towards countless soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the two World Wars participating in the We Will Remember Them song. Last but not least, his dedication towards supporting soldiers in Iraq in Afghanistan. In fact, Gibb was quoted on his website as saying: “I feel just as strongly today for the brave soldiers who are in Iraq and Afghanistan, who, every day are putting their lives on the line so we can have peace in the world. They are the very few who are prepared to pay the ultimate price, so we should respect, support and above all, honour them, and we must not let them down.”

From penning together with his brothers, hit tracks that are instantly recognisable Robin’s legacy of music after three decades is as contemporary as ever reaching out to a new generation of fans.

Robin Gibb will receive a lifetime achievement award at the Malta Music Awards on Saturday, December 5.

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