Valletta cinema operator accused of screening pornographic films

Gets bail against €5,000 guarantee

A well-known Valletta cinema that has been operating for years was shut after its alleged operator was yesterday charged with screening pornographic films.

The police seized almost 5,000 adult films in a raid on the infamous City Lights Capitol Cinema, which over the years had garnered a seedy reputation.

During the arraignment, the smartly dressed, 67-year-old pensioner Alexander Baldacchino pleaded not guilty to screening the films in public, selling them and using a projector and video machine illegally.

The cinema with a dirty but ornate façade is situated in St John's Street, just a few metres down from Republic Street and round the corner from the court house.

The arraignment was over in minutes and Mr Baldacchino was granted bail against a personal guarantee of €5,000. Police Inspector Raymond Aquilina prosecuted.

Lawyer Ivan Vella was defence counsel.

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