Large wartime shelter transferred to Tarxien council

A large wartime shelter under Tarxien village core has been handed to the locality's local council, which plans to turn it into an attraction.

The shelter, covering 119 square metres, used to accommodate some 150 people at the height of the aerial bombardment of Malta in the second world war.

Tarxien lies between the airport and the dockyard and was hit by stray bombs aimed at both.

A contract of guardianship was signed this morning by the government property division and Tarxien council. The Parliamentary Secretary for Land, Jason Azzopardi, attended.

He said the government was showing its commitment to local councils by transferring properties for their management.

He pointed out that in Munxar, land in the village was being turned into a garden which would include an open-air gym.

In Gharb, a former government building would be turned into a civic centre including a day centre and a night shelter.

Dr Azzopardi said a playing field would be handed to Victoria local council on Monday.

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