PN puts Perici Calascione meeting with hunters online - PL reaction

A sound clip of the whole meeting between PN MEP candidate Alex Perici Calascione and hunters can be listened to at, the Nationalist Party said.

Dr Perici Calascione was yesterday evening challenged by Labour leader Joseph Muscat to publish more of his speech. Dr Muscat's call came after on Sunday he quoted Dr Perici Calascione claiming that former Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami was either mad or had deceived hunters.

Dr Perici Calascione took libel action against the Labour leader on Monday and yesterday afternoon published extracts of the transcript of his speech and recordings of the meeting with hunters to show that the Labour leader had quoted him out of context. Dr Muscat said that what Dr Perici Calascione published did not in any way deny the content published by the Labour Party last Sunday.

The PN said this evening it was shameful that the Labour leader was asking Dr Perici Calascione to publish more of the meeting. Dr Musct should have done this on Sunday. This was have clearly shown that Dr Perici Calascione did not say what the Labour leader was alleging.


The PL in a statement this evening thanked the PN for bowing to pressure to publish the recording of a speech made at a meeting it had wanted to keep secret. It said the recording showed that Dr Gonzi had lost control and was trying to justify the way this sector was deceived. The recording showed that even Dr Gonzi was trying to brush off his responsibilities onto others, the PL said.

It insisted that the clips it had published had not been edited, while clips published yesterday by the PN candidate, were.

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