PN presents EP election candidates

The Nationalist Party this morning presented its 10 candidates for the EP elections in June.

They are: current MEPs Simon Busuttil and David Casa; nurse Rudolph Cini; environmentalist Alan Deidun; Edward Demicoli, an employee in EU institutions; GRTU director general Vince Farrugia; Roberta Metsola Tedesco Triccas, a lawyer working in EU institutions; lawyer Alex Perici Calascione; lawyer Marthese Portelli; and doctor Frank Portelli.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi described the forthcoming election as an important one for Malta noting that his party had only obtained 38 percent of the votes cast the last time round, which was the first time an EP election was held in Malta.

He said that a number of people had not turned up to vote for this new experience but it now hoped for a better result this time round since its MEPs had proven themselves.

In the past five years, Dr Gonzi said, the government had brought to Malta foreign investment which was translated jobs for Maltese and Gozitan workers and Malta had obtained €1,159 million from the EU.

“Who do you want to represent you in the EP, those who helped get money for the country or those who tried to hinder Malta from getting this money, such as in the case of the waste recycling plant,” Dr Gonzi asked.

The PN presented its candidates in Freedom Square, Valletta, a square which, Dr Gonzi said, he wanted to see completely transformed in five years’ time together with the ruins of the Opera House site. For this leap in quality, Malta had to get all the necessasy assistance and the forthcoming election was for Malta to be a different place in five years’ time.

He said he was convinced that through its 10 candidates the PN was offering the country the best choice possible.

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