How about Christmas all year round?

Christmas Log, Christmas Cake, Christmas Trees, Christmas Lights, Christmas Crackers, ….(Sigh)…..Christmas Carols, Christmas Eggnog, Christmas FATHER (in local fashion), Christmas Eve, Christmas Breakfast, Christmas Spirit?…..

When you think about it Christmas is a time in which all emotions take on more intensity. People who are lonely all year round feel the void during a time when Family and Unity are synonymous with the popular festivities.

I always used to look forward to Christmas because it was the one time, I could be sure not to have any rehearsal, gig or event, which causes me to miss out on a family do. Once a year I could see all my family sitting around the dinner table, we stuff our faces and have 3 totally different conversations at once and meet my Uncle David, who I hardly saw during the year, he was quite cosmopolitan and travelled the world all year round. Ever since his loss two years ago, Christmas has a whole new meaning. I still treasure it as quality time with my family, but I miss David.

What do I want for Christmas? If I could scrawl David’s name on my list for Santa I would, but I know the answer to that and I am sure he is in a better place looking down on my family and I with that infectious grin of his!

Well ideally, what I do want for Christmas are a few days off, with my mobile switched off, no more hair and make up appointments ….as much as I love Clinton and Diane to bits and I’m sure they love me back, there’s only so much we can take of each other AND I also would love to have access to unlimited funds!

Yes, Christmas is a time of giving…and that seems to be pretty much what I’m doing Giving, giving, giving and in turn spending, spending and yeah did I forget to mention spending. I can almost envisage all of you muttering that, that’s what you’re doing too. Suddenly, someone turns up on your doorstep with a hamper and as you welcome it with open arms you think to yourself “that’s just perfect..NOW I have to get this person something” it’s actually comical. You get a gift, you have to return the favour. I wish I could just sing them a song back, like little Tommy Tucker who sang for his supper of bread and butter….now THAT’s a thought!!! But obviously it does not work that way. Plus I don’t look too great in braces, and breeches singing on top of a table. (that usually happens when I’ve had one too many tequilas! Heheheh)

What is ironic though is that Christmas continues to evolve into this grand opportunity for commercialism to thrive. It’s the time of year your letter box is having MAIL intercourse everyday, having leaflets and brochures dropped into its slot, promising special offers and magical Christmas events. It’s the time where Tal-Lira shops are boasting tinsel in every colour, baubles the size of your head and crackers in all shapes and sizes.

It’s also a time when I get asked to sing at lots of Charity events, which I enjoy doing tremendously, however I also do notice that some of these people I visit get a lot of attention from everyone, from the Fire department right up to the Police Force, who God Bless their soul, want to help out. But, during the rest of the year these unfortunate souls are left to savour the bitter taste that life throws at them. So we’re helping out and making an appearance once a year, which is a very thoughtful act, but unfortunately it’s not enough.

Mind you I’m not going to Preach mode here, I’m just talking about something that is on my mind every time I see a group of happy faces before me. I just wish I could do more I guess, just like everyone else. But I can’t save the world, neither can you ….or you. But we can try to make it somewhat better. And we can start by finding a little place in our heart to help out by giving something small and significant.

A visit to the Fairyland ward reminded me how lucky I am to have lived through a childhood healthy and strong, able to grow up effortlessly. ‘Puttinu Cares’ are organizing many events to help children and their families affected by cancer. YMCA recently held their homelessness awareness weekend and are still welcoming donations in aid of people who are left without their home.

The list of people we can help is endless. So if we do find at least an hour to spare, let’s all try to visit some of these people or maybe visit fund raising events. I know there are tons, but even if you just contribute towards one charity of your choice, the feeling of joy you experience is incredible….try it….now THAT’s the Christmas Spirit I’m talking about!


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