It's official, Cuschieri to give up his seat for Joseph Muscat

The Labour Party has published correspondence between its leader Joseph Muscat and MP Joseph Cuschieri in which Mr Cuschieri told Dr Muscat he would give up his parliamentary seat for him at the end of the month.

Dr Muscat thanked Mr Cuschieri for "his extraordinary and generous decision" which would make it possible for him to become an MP and Leader of the Opposition.

Mr Cuschieri wrote that this had been a tough decision for him but one he was taking with a clear conscience in the interest of the party and the country.

He said that he was resigning because that was what the party needed at this time, and he was taking his decision because of his loyalty and love for the MLP.

In spite of everything, Mr Cuschieri said, this was for him a privilege and an honour.

He said he would continue to work closely with his constituents and within the party.

Mr Cuschieri thanked his friends, colleagues and family for their moral support throughout his political life, particularly at this moment. He also paid tribute to MP Karl Chircop who is currently receiving treatment in the UK and wished him a speedy recovery. He also praised Dr Muscat for his political vision.

Joseph Cuschieri, 40, has been a member of Parliament since 1998 and was Labour spokesman on tourism, with particular accent on Air Malta. Like his brother, Emanuel, he worked for many years in Super One Radio.

Dr Muscat said that as Leader of the Opposition, a post he would take up after his co-option to Parliament on October 1, he would see that the MLP worked democratically, respecting the people’s decisions and insisting that the government respected everyone, including those who did not vote for it.

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