Silence not an option in the face of secularism - Archbishop

Archbishop Paul Cremona warned today that the values which Maltese society had inherited could be lost not only when one accepted other concepts of living, but also when one did not defend what was believed to be true.

In a homily during the September 8 Pontifical Mass at St John’s, Mgr Paul Cremona reiterated remarks made over the past few weeks by the bishops of Malta and Gozo that the Church has a duty to make its voice heard in matters affecting society.

“We will stand with society to speak about sustainable development, the environment, justice and other values. We would not be helping society if we accept secular ideology because it is strong, or out of fear that we are not like other countries. It does not make sense that in a pluralist society, only one voice is heard.”

Mgr Cremona said the most important values were the defence of the human being, the unborn child, the elderly, the sick, immigrants, as well as marriage and the family.

“Any decision which proclaims these values, but legislates against them, as in the case of divorce, and in future even abortion and euthanasia, will weaken society,” Mgr Cremona said.

He warned that it would be difficult for young people to build a stable marriage when marriage was seen as being built on weak wedding vows.

Earlier, he said Malta was under threat of the ideology of secularism. Although this ideology was based on personal choice, it was strong enough to influence society, sometimes even through legislation.

“The stronger this ideology becomes, the more difficult it will be for one to live his personal values. It will become more difficult for parents to pass on the values they believe in to their will be more difficult for young people to make free choices when they are surrounded by wrong messages and influences.”

Referring to the need for the Church and the faithful to defend their values, Mgr Cremona warned that silence and acceptance of a value-free society was not neutrality, but a way to strengthen secularism.

The congregation was headed by President Eddie Fenech Adami and included Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi, Anglu Farrugia, deputy leader of the MLP, the judiciary, ministers and MPs.


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