SmartCity Malta is 'leading energy-efficient development'

SmartCity Malta said today that its energy requirements would be 41.2MW, as explained in an Environment Impact Assessment which gave a detailed breakdown of these requirements.

Referring to a number of statements on the energy-efficiency implications of its operation, SmartCity said it was the leading energy efficient development in Malta.

It said it had invested in and carried out an exhaustive and professional Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which has been submitted to, and accepted by, MEPA. The next step of this process would be the holding of a public hearing following which the EIA wouldbe concluded.

"The infrastructure requirements and plans for SmartCity were developed by the leading international firm Mouchel ( Mouchel computed the energy requirements for SmartCity Malta at 41.2 MW. The EIA provides a detailed breakdown of these requirements," SmartCity said.

"It is important to point out that this requirement is the result of significant energy-efficiency measures included in the design process of the project. It is also important to point out that the EIA is based on the principle of 'Worst-case scenario', since the impacts of the worst possible situation have to be taken into consideration."

SmartCity said it was unlikely that the full load of 41.2 MW would be eventually used. However, the supply capacity to the project had to be in line with this requirement to ensure that if such demand was required then the national infrastructure would not be failing the project.

"Serious ICT and Media businesses will NOT be attracted to a business park which has a questionable degree of power supply. All competing jurisdictions in this field recognize this and in any case exclude all possibilities of not providing sufficient supply of electricity to an ICT and Media cluster which will employ thousands of knowledge-workers," SmartCity said.

It said the project at Ricasoli was being developed in line with the international LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency Development) standards, a first in the development sector in Malta.

"The adoption of these standards within the SmartCity township has required a significant investment being made to make sure the sustainability element of the project is not only promoted but also put into actual practice. This is in accordance with the sustainability leadership role which TECOM Investments has assumed in Dubai and practices throughout all its entities, including nine TECOM Business Parks such as: Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village."

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