Parents' questions answered

Making the right choices on the health and welfare of one's children is at the heart of Child magazine, out free with The Times tomorrow.

It is crucial, for instance, to have a good idea of the stages through which a baby develops so that signs of abnormal behaviour are spotted and acted upon immediately.

Armed with such knowledge, how do parents go about stimulating the infant's physical and mental growth? Another crucial part of healthy development is immunisation. What vaccines does a child need and when? Is your child getting them all? Which ones should parents be wary of?

Food is ever a battleground, whether the child is eating too much, too little, or not enough of the right things. How do parents establish and maintain healthy eating habits in their children?

And how does one tackle a child's fears, notice if he or she is being abused or deal with a particular form of sleep disturbance?

These are some of the many questions answered tomorrow in Child magazine. Plus, learn about teaching children how to swim, follow an expert's simple tips on taking better photos of children, find out why boys should not shy away from taking up dance and read about how the people of Florence took to a toddler from Malta.

In this issue too, refugee mothers recount their painful stories of loss of loved ones, and a whole family has to adapt when one of the boys has to do the common entrance exams. Plus, find out what readers love and hate about what their children do... and don't do.

Child is produced by Mediamaker Ltd. and published by Allied Newspapers Ltd.

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