Isle of MTV - VIP area: Lm30 down the drain (1)

A friend and I were among the 25,000 persons to attend the Isle of MTV event on the Granaries. Since we knew that there was going to be a lot of people, we decided to pay Lm30 to watch the concert from the Golden Circle VIP Area to avoid the cramming (which was unhealthy for me since I had recently undergone a medical operation) and to enjoy a very good view of the event. But we ended up very unsatisfied because of the way those who bought the VIP tickets were treated.

It was reported in several advertisements that there were going to be only 400 VIP tickets on sale. After we bought the VIP ticket, and turned the ticket, at the back of it there was a map of where the Golden Circle VIP was going to be situated. To my surprise, I found out that the VIP section was going to be situated at the side of the main stage.

When I went to the event, and got to know where the VIP area was situated, I was totally frustrated. The area was not situated where it should have been, as that section was occupied by a private G7/Government party.

In reality, the Golden Circle VIP Area was situated at the right side of the venue, but approximately 70 m away from the stage! Apart from that, there were 2,000 people (not 400 as advertised) crammed in the VIP Area. From such a distance, with so many people I was unable to watch the concert well. Also because of the large number of people in the VIP Area, I had to leave the venue and go home as I was feeling uneasy with the cramming, thus spoiling a night out.

The organisers of the Golden Circle VIP (it would have been better called Rusty Circle), G7, must be ashamed of themselves for robbing Lm30 from 2,000 people who thought they would be treated as Very Important Persons, but were treated as Very Ignominious Persons.

Apart from that, I will not fork out money to attend any G7 events any more, as I don't want to be bitten again by such scams.


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