Wrong address, again and again

We have complained for the past two years or more to Maltapost for the shambles and disgrace in the so-called postal delivery service in the Tigné seafront area.

My particular case began at least two years ago when we began receiving letters addressed to others while our letter box is clearly marked. We complained at that time to the public relations officer who was in charge and hey presto our letters began arriving. This lasted about two weeks and again our letters started to be posted in other people's mailboxes and our mail box was cluttered with other people's mail.

There followed more futile attempts by Maltapost customer care (which I must commend for trying to do their job as best they can), and I have since given up contacting them.

This year again we were waiting for an important letter which arrived under our office door some two weeks after the postmark. The letter had been torn open by mistake by the recipient.

Again we called Maltapost and complained. They called back two days later to see if everything was ok and as usual all went well for a week and then it was back to square one.

Customer care called a week later to verify if everything was ok with the deliveries and we told them no, we were still getting mail belonging to other offices. Lo and behold, even mail destined for Tigné Street ended up in our box.

They told us that disciplinary measures would be taken. This was some months back and still we receive other people's mail!

Does one need to go to university to read the address on an envelope and deliver a letter to its appropriate letter box?

So much for the advertised efficiency of Maltapost's delivery service.


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