Stop being know-alls!

The Times of March 14, under the heading Ousted Mayors On Why They Lost, quotes the previous mayor of San Gwann, Kurt Guillaumier saying that "people have lost their sense of common good". He goes on to say that the reason for the PN's defeat "could be attributed to examples of unjustified claims", such as the example he quoted of a person who was "caught making false benefit claims and was punished".

When I read this I could hardly believe my eyes. Do our representatives think we are living in cuckooland? There are many reasons for the electorate's frustration both at the regional and also at the national level.

As far as San Gwann is concerned there are quite a few serious reasons, such as

¤ The parking of heavy vehicles, boats trailers and buses in the streets, in corners and other danger spots. These are a hazard to drivers, especially at night. Is it possible not one warden ever notices anything?

¤ The illegal walling up of access points (on government land) in rubble walls in Wied Ghomor valley. Ramblers are thus prevented from enjoying a walk.

¤ The various streets turned into canals after some rain.

¤ The suffocating exhaust emissions from buses and other vehicles. Again, where are the wardens?

¤ The arrogant attitude of some shop owners reserving parking places in front of their shops by placing obstacles so that nobody can park.

There are of course certain issues on the national level and these have nothing to do with the oil price hike or other nonsensical and lame excuses. When are all politicians and people in strategic positions going to be held accountable? It is always the ordinary people who have to make good for their folly, hard-headedness and irresponsible waste of the people's hard-earned money. Isn't it about time that heads roll?

When are our courts of justice going to stop being a travesty of justice? Why are so many suspended sentences being meted out? When are criminals going to be given what they really deserve? Why do court cases drag on and on?

When is the repeal of immoral 1939 rent laws going to take place? The people are fed up, and are determined not to wait any longer. We are fed up with our politicians' empty promises and excuses.

When are government contracts/tenders going to be awarded in a transparent way?

When are we going to stop seeing the same people on government boards? Is it possible our country lacks people with ideas?

When are the high and mighty going to stop holding politicians to ransom?

When is law enforcement going to start seriously?

Mr Guillaumier and all politicians should keep in mind that the 1950s' and 1960s' politics are no longer acceptable. When people see photos of the same politicians on the media smiling, one is reminded of the immortal line... that one may smile and smile and be a villain. Please do grow up and stop being know-alls.


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