Angli on the big screen

A local big-screen production will open at the cinemas on May 28 after months of hard work - resulting in what the producers hope will be a milestone in domestic filmmaking.

Angli The Movie, directed by Mario Busietta, is an action-packed production wholly shot in Malta. The story revolves around investigators Angel and Gabriel - played by Mikhail Basmadjian and John Montanaro - battling crime with the help of an Interpol agent.

The film was possible thanks to various special effects, and the help of German stunt co-ordinator Wolfgang Raach, who said the two main actors did things which he "never thought possible" after just a few minutes' training.

Mr Montanaro said that although Mr Basmadjian and himself did perform a number of stunts, he never felt in any danger.

Angli was originally a television series shown on Net Television, but has grown into a film-storyline on its own - but the filmmakers have assured viewers that they needn't have watched the series to enjoy the movie.

Production manager Pierre Agius said if Angli The Movie was successful, it would mark the start of a new era for cinema in Malta.

Pierre Portelli, who wrote the script, described the movie as "a unique project". The dialogue is in Maltese, although there are plans to dub it eventually.

Culture Minister Francis Zammit Dimech said the film had the full support of his ministry. He said such films promoted Malta, and he stressed the importance of having Maltese products of quality.

The minister also expressed his hope that the film would be the first in a series of such movies filmed in Malta with Maltese dialogue and actors. He urged the Maltese public to give their support by going to watch it.

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