Drive safely

I have been following the ongoing exchange of letters recently about the difficulty in passing the new driving test. Well I'm sorry but I have to say that it is about time! I have been asked a lot of questions recently about driving by people who have just passed their driving test such as: How soon before changing lanes or turning should you indicate your intention? Who has right of way at a mini roundabout? What does a yellow box junction mean? And many others.

My response is: Were you not taught this? And the usual answer is: "I was told that I would pick this up as I go along, it's not part of the test!" Again, I'm sorry but only if you live long enough or don't kill someone first! If parents think it is a shame that it is hard for their children to pass their test it is to protect their lives and the lives of others.

To drive a machine that weighs nearly a ton without the proper preparation is irresponsible to say the least!

Now to answer the above questions for those who don't know. The indicator should be put on in adequate time to give other road users plenty of warning of your intention (not as you turn the steering wheel!) this at least 10 seconds before making the manoeuvre. (And an indicator does not give you right of way!)

Traffic approaching from the right has right of way on a mini roundabout. A yellow box junction means Do Not Enter unless your exit is clear.

Study your highway code before taking your test and you will have no trouble passing. Drive safely and don't listen to the old men, they know nothing about modern driving! Remember: mirror/signal/move. Good luck!


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