Baroque setting for grand carnival ball

Music, food, dancing and style will all come together in a baroque setting when a Grand Carnival Masquerade ball convenes in Valletta shortly.

The magical times of Casanova will be revived and guests may soothe their taste buds with a lavish dinner and a dance in the soft and romantic candlelight during the Gran Ballo La Valletta next Saturday at 8 p.m.

The event, organised by the Lion's Club La Vallette and Y's friends is in aid of the YMCA homeless shelter.

Venice's world-renowned carnival is a feast for the imagination as people in period costumes dance and blend in a surreal world of colour and style.

Valletta has its carnival history, too. With its own magical baroque setting, the capital is unique and magical to the senses. In its baroque splendour, Valletta yearns for the days when people danced to candle and torchlight, where masks hid faces and anyone could intermingle without any hint of pride or disdain.

Thousands decended on the city to celebrate the Mardi Gras, competing for the ultimate prize on the gostra. Carnival was there for anyone keen on revelry. During carnival, Valletta became the centre of masked fantasy, mystery and colour.

Venice and Valletta have much more in common than their first letter. Both used to act as centre stage for grand carnivals and spectacular carnival balls. Both have a unique baroque setting, are next to the sea and were havens to Europe's finest navies.

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