Historic fort attacked again

Unknown persons have vandalised yet another part of Fort Campbell, in Mellieha.

The fire control position which was used to direct the firing of the three coast artillery guns of this fort, and which until a few weeks ago still survived in near pristine condition, has now been reduced to a pile of rubble by vandals.

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna director Mario Farrugia said this structure also represented one of the first locations where radio direction finding equipment was used in the 1940s to direct artillery fire.

Mr Farrugia said that immediate steps were taken to inform the authorities in an effort to investigate the matter and to take all possible steps to protect this historical monument from further damage.

He said Fort Campbell was one of the nation's most precious forts, being the last one built for a coastal defence purpose as late as 1937/8.

In the light of the recent vandalism at this site, FWA called on the authorities to act swiftly in order to stop the ongoing rampage at Fort Campbell. It also appealed for the fort to be cleaned from rubbish and litter and for it to be sealed off.

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