Acquitted man files judicial protest

A man who was acquitted of criminal charges by the Magistrates' Court yesterday filed a judicial protest in the First Hall of the Civil Court holding the Police Commissioner, the Attorney General and Finance Minister John Dalli liable for the damages he had sustained.

Joseph Ellul Grech said that criminal charges had been filed against him in November, 1999. He had been charged with having defrauded third parties, with falsification of documents and with making use of forged documents.

The police had also charged Ellul Grech with having been in unlawful possession of hunting knives and a knuckle duster as well as a crossbow, slings and an air pistol.

According to Ellul Grech the charge against him alleged that the police had seized the items from premises in Gzira under his possession.

In his protest Ellul Grech said the complaint against him had been signed by the finance minister. However, the Magistrates' Court had acquitted Ellul Grech of all charges on the grounds that no unequivocal proof of the accused's guilt had been produced.

Ellul Grech called upon respondents to make good the damages he had sustained on the basis that the minister had accused him of a crime of which he was innocent.

Dr Luciano Busuttil signed the protest.

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