Bay Street bedroom challenge for the homeless

Bay Street is launching this year's Bay Street Bedroom Challenge. As last year, a purposely built bedroom will in fact be set up at Bay Street's Rotunda where the four contestants will battle it out to see who will manage to remain secluded in the bedroom for the most number of hours.

The innovation in this year's edition will however be that this challenge will directly seek to raise funds for YMCA's project for the homeless.

The Bay Street Bedroom Challenge will kick-off on February 14 and the main aim of the contestants will be to break a targeted 100 hours. In fact, last year's edition was won by Sarah Pettingill, an 18-year-old of Sliema who managed to remain secluded in Bay Street's bedroom for 82 hours, thus beating her direct competitor who dropped out of the contest after 48 hours.

CBR Furniture of Luqa have again committed themselves in favour of this charitable cause and will be giving the winner a brand new bedroom.

Another innovation this year will be the possibility for the public to actually participate in a more direct manner towards raising funds for YMCA. In fact, the public will be able to contact and keep in touch with the contestants inside the bedroom by sending them SMSes.

Therefore, besides supporting the contestants themselves, the public will also be supporting the cause since money from the SMSes will be donated to YMCA.

Those interested in taking part may contact Bay Street's Events Team on 2138-0600.

Meanwhile, Bay Street will today be hosting a mini-concert by Fabrizio Faniello as a pre-launch event in view of the upcoming launch of his new Fan Club later on next week. The concert starts at 5 p.m.

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