The European computer driving licence testing software

The European computer driving licence testing software

The nature of testing is changing, with an increasing number of examinations in the field of IT being tested interactively. The Night Institute for Further Technical Education (NIFTE) firmly believes that the best medium for the assessment of skills in Information Technology (IT) is through the use of IT itself.

In addition, the valuable time spent by experienced staff marking and accessing examination papers has been saved by automated results feedback and reporting. The Automated Testing Software tests a candidate's proficiency of using an application by asking them to perform tasks or produce a document within the application itself.

The test engine sits behind the application software and registers actions being carried out. This not only means that the test environment is familiar to users, but the assessment is completely performance-based, rather than being a retentive exercise.

The overwhelming advantage of testing in-application is that a student is flexible to perform a task using any method they are used to. For example, to make something bold one can use shortcut keys, the toolbar or menu, and the marking remains the same.

Additionally, all the features of the application software such as help files, tool tips and spell-check are available as they are in vocational environment - this is the essence of realistic interactive testing.

The institute appreciates how unnerving it can be for candidates when they sit for a test or exam. Learning how to use a new piece of testing software on the day may not help.

The best test results are achieved by those who are already familiar with the wording of questions and have had a practice in revision sessions (tutor-aided or not).

NIFTE is providing the Primer Software alongside the full Auto-mated Testing software. It offers candidates the best possible example of mock test questions during their preparation for the actual accredited examination.

Based closely on the full Auto-mated Test Software (ATS), the Primer Test does not require additional administration, and provides an effective platform from which to evaluate this unique form of IT testing for students. The Primer Test is designed to look and feel like the real thing and proved to be very effective to the standard ATS package.

For further information on the ECDL testing, contact Mr Charles Zammit on tel. 6660-1603/5 or e-mail

Charles Zammit is ETC executive, NIFTE

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