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Vodafone's online winner gets MMS phone

Vodafone's first online monthly competition was won by Maureen Borg of Siggiewi. Ms Borg won a Sharp GX-10 MMS phone.

The competition was organised in collaboration with 89.7 FM Bay Radio and hosted on the same radio station.

"The Vodafone Bay Radio competition always offers a different and exciting prize every month. As MMS becomes ever more popular, we wanted to give our winning customer the opportunity to start making use of this recently introduced visual messaging service," said Vodafone marketing communications executive Alison Casha.

Every month a different competition is organised, with questions tackling a different Vodafone topic. In order to take part, web-users can access the Bay Radio Website (, answer the relevant questions and submit the details requested. The winner is then contacted during DJ Gianni's show, aired on the last Friday of month.

School of Hairdressing and Salon at Galleria

After the success achieved by the Hair Care School of Hairdressing and Salon of Fgura, a new salon and school have opened at Galleria Shopping and Entertainment Centre, Fgura, to cater for students and clients in a more comfortable environment and to provide more services.

The success which this school has obtained is reflected in the number of students who attend the various courses which are organised regularly. English tutors are among the teachers who run the different courses.

The training given covers the various aspects of hairdressing at different levels from basic courses for beginners, to advanced courses as well as theory. Courses in hair extensions are also available.

The salon is equipped with the best modern equipment and also offers other innovative services. For example, the salon at Galleria has sophisticated machines for hair treatments. A unique treatment offered is that of 'cloning' which gives vitamins and special nutrients made from beeswax to the hair to make it grow quicker.

The salon also offers up to seven colour dyes in the hair and a computer is used to mix the dye to ensure that the colour is always consistent. These and many other services and new products cannot be found anywhere else in Malta.

For more information regarding these courses, the services and products provided by the Hair Care School of Hairdressing and Salon, call 7906-7792.

Miss Malta contest celebrates 40th anniversary

Maltese and Gozitan girls aged over 16 are invited to come forward to participate free of charge in the 40th anniversary Miss Malta contest this year.

Since its foundation by George Gatt Mangion in October 1964, the Miss Malta contest has been organised by G.M. Productions every year. Not only have hundreds of young Maltese and Gozitan girls taken part, but the contest has also attracted sponsorships by leading companies from the fashion, beauty and make-up world.

For the past few years the annual Miss Malta contest has been sponsored by L'Oreal Paris skin care and make-up to encourage the participants to care for their individual beauty, giving them the confidence to reach the final night of the Miss Malta contest.

Miss Malta 2003 will be presented with cash gifts of not less than Lm500 that continue to make her one-year reign more exciting as it was for Miss Malta 2001, Loredana Zammit of Iklin, and the current Miss Malta, Tiziana Mifsud of Ghaxaq, apart from commitments both locally and abroad.

Eric Fenech Pace, on behalf of Collis Williams, Malta representatives for L'Oreal Paris, congratulated G.M. Productions for their long-running organisation and presented a cash award to both Miss Malta 2001 and Miss Malta 2002.

Those wishing to take part in this year's Miss Malta contest can contact G.M. Productions on 2144-0393.

Notarial Council members attend international congress in Paris

The Maltese Notarial Council, represented by Notary Dr Michel Dingli, recently attended the general meeting of member notariats of the International Union of Latin Notariat (UINL), held in Paris.

This meeting, which was attended by no fewer than 47 notariats from America, Africa, Asia and Europe, was historical on two counts. It was a celebration of the bicentenary of the loi de 25 ventose an XI (March 16, 1803), which is considered to be the birth of the modern Latin notariat.

Secondly, the notariat of China was, after a unanimous vote, admitted as a member of UINL. The admission of this notariat was the culmination of arduous work over the past years on both the part of the Chinese notariat and on the part of UINL.

Dr Dingli had talks with the Conference des Notariats de l'Union Européenne (CNEU), whose presidency is presently held by France. CNEU represents the Latin notariats in the European Union and among its objectives is that of being the mouthpiece and the representative of the notariat with the European institutions.

At a reception for UINL held at the Hotel des Ministres, Dr Dingli had the opportunity to exchange courtesies with Maitre Alain Lambert, Minister Delegate for the Budget.

In his address for the occasion, Maitre Lambert said that in his capacity as a member of the French Government he is supported by the foundation of values the notariat has taught him - sincerity, probity, confidence and publica fides - which values are a comfort to him and help him shape his work, especially in trying times.

Maitre Lambert succinctly dwelt on the notarial function, its eminence, its mission and its future. He considers it a centre of gravity, a meeting point, a fulcrum, a crossroad between the public and private sector, between the law and the judiciary, between freedom and constraint.

He said that the notary embodies public power and sovereign authority in the service of private citizens. His function is to give their documents public authority. He prepares contracts and deeds reflecting the free will of the parties and gives them the force of a judicial instrument, of a judgment in last instance.

The notary explains the points of consent to ensure they reflect conscious, responsible and free choice, and makes them binding in the case of non-performance by one of the parties. The notary offers freedom the protection it needs to bear fruit, which he combines with the authority to vest responsibility and to impose constraints.

In addressing the daunting challenge of internationalisation, Maitre Lambert said that trade and the law no longer go their way quietly behind the barricades of national borders and thus we need to realise that notaries will be limited to domestic legal activities if they fail to act internationally thanks to mutual recognition of their deeds.

In his view, the notarial deed should become a "universal enforcement order". Admitting the complexity of this issue and the need to approach it with utmost care, this difficulty should not however make us overlook the important historic challenge created by the entry of the notarial function into the international arena.

Maitre Lambert finally recommended the notariats present to urge their governments to improve their legislation. Modern law, he said, has become a wordy, wavering, technocratic source of uncertainty. The proposals of notaries, inspired by the actual lives of their compatriots and close observation of the actual evolution of human society, are bound to help lawmakers and their future laws rekindle the respect they have lost from their fellow citizens.

Collaboration agreement between Valletta and Rhodes

An agreement of collaboration between Valletta and Rhodes, Greece, was recently signed between the executive co-ordinator of the Valletta Rehabilitation Project within the Ministry for Resources and Infrastructure, Dr Ray Bondin, and Rhodes deputy mayor Lee Minaidis.

The agreement, signed after a series of talks that have been held since October, covers various field of research and collaboration on conservation projects, as well as initiatives that will be financed by the European Union.

The delegation from Rhodes met President de Marco, who backed the agreement in vie of the important historical links between Rhodes and Malta.

The delegation also met Valletta mayor Dr Paul Borg Olivier to discuss a possible twinning agreement, and has discussions with three University of Malta departments on possible joint projects.

Richard England awarded honorary doctorate in Sofia

Professor Richard England has recently been awarded an Honoris Causa doctorate by the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

During the conferment, Professor Mihail Rilski, dean of the University's Faculty of Architecture, said that "this highest degree of our university is conferred on him for his personal contribution to the development of architecture as a worldwide process, for his high international prestige and fruitful co-operation with our university and the Bulgarian professional community in the field of architecture."

Richard England, an eminent sculptor, photographer, poet, artist and the author of several books, was born in Malta and graduated in architecture at the University of Malta. He continued his studies in Italy at the Milan Polytechnic.

The architectural works of Richard England feature both the traditional and contemporary aspects. Among his best known buildings in Malta are the St Joseph church in Manikata, the Central Bank of Malta Annexe, the Millennium Chapel in Paceville, the St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Valletta and the master plan for the entrance to Valletta.

His buildings and designs, which are highly estimated by the cultural community worldwide, have earned him numerous international awards, including five lnternational Academy of Architecture Awards at Interarch-Sofia, two Commonwealth Association of Architects regional awards in 1985 and 1987, the Gold Medal of the City of Toulouse in 1985, the 1988 Georgia Biennale Laureate Prize, the American Institute of Architects Award for Religious Architecture in 1991, the International Prize at the third Architectural Biennale of Costa Rica in 1996, and the Gold Medal of the Belgrade Architectural Triennale in 2000.

Professor England is the author of research works in the field of the national Maltese architecture and the Mediterranean house, on historical and contemporary features of sacred architecture, on theoretical issues of architecture and architectural education. His research works have been published in various editions since 1973, in Malta, UK and Italy.

Professor England's activities in the field of education in architecture and promotion of architectural art are highly extensive, having lectured and exhibited his work in North and South America, Europe and the Middle and Far East. His creative and research works have been presented in over 30 universities worldwide.

He is a Visiting Professor at the University of Malta, having acted as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture between 1987 and 1988, and a member of the Foundation of International Research in Malta. In 1993 the Government of Malta appointed him Officer of the Order of Merit. He is honorary professor at the universities of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Bath, UK, Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as at the Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of New York.

He is a member of the Institute of Professional Designers, London and the World Network of Architectural Space, Tokyo. Professor England is an Academician at the International Academy of Architecture and Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, World Forum of Young Architects, and College of Architecture in Halisco, Mexico.

Sant - Grixti

Married recently at the Holy Trinity parish church, Marsa, were Marquita Sant, daughter of Joseph and Yvonne Sant of Mosta, and Josef Grixti, son of Edward and Rita Grixti of Marsa.

Nuptial Mass was celebrated by Fr Diego Theuma, OFM Cap, uncle of the bride, and Fr Alfred Scerri. The ceremony was witnessed by Ray Sant, the bride's brother, and Frans Cassar. Alfred Sant, the bride's brother, carried out the duties of best man.

The bride was attended by Josette Sant, the bride's sister in-law, as maid of honour, and Chensina Loayza, the bride's cousin, Svetlana Spiteri and Charmaine Ellul, as bridesmaids.

Kylie Spiteri, the bridegroom's niece, Mariah Sant, the bride's niece, and Joanna Borg were flower girls; Gary Vella and Daniel J. Sant, the bride's nephew, were pageboys.

A reception was later held at the New Dolmen Hotel in Qawra.

Brownrigg - Legovic

Married recently at St Catherine's parish church, Zejtun, were Ingrid Brownrigg, daughter of Joseph and Gemma Brownrigg of Zejtun, and Alen, son of Celestino and Anna Legovic of Germany.

Nuptial Mass was celebrated by Fr Gino Gauci and Fr Frano Prcela, OP, who came from Croatia. The ceremony was witnessed by Rowena Pavia, the bride's sister, and Peter Legovic, the groom's brother. Donald Brownrigg, the bride's brother, carried out the duties of best man.

The bride was attended by Wanda Niseteo and Andrea Halambek as bridesmaids, while Gilbert Pavia was ring-bearer. Elisa and Keith Brownrigg acted as flower girl and pageboy.

A reception was later held at Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar. Several guests came from Germany, Belgium and Croatia. The couple will be residing in Belgium.

Ladies' Circle (Malta) to host international AGM in Malta

Members of Ladies' Circle International will be gathering in Malta in September to hold their annual general meeting, which is being hosted by the Association of Ladies' Circle (Malta).

This international organisation bring together associations from 15 countries with a total of 872 circles and over 9,700 members. It sponsors international needy causes varying from establishing schools and hospitals in Zambia to medical resources in India.

Ladies' Circle (Malta), was founded in Malta in 1981 by the wives of Round Table members. It currently incorporates three Circles and about 37 ladies are fully active members. Its main aims are to provide friendship between Circlers locally and internationally, as well as to organise social and charitable activities.

Ladies' Circle (Malta) also provides its members with relaxation and interest by way of talks and discussion on various subjects. Active participation in Round Table and Ladies' Circle functions is encouraged.

Throughout the Circle year, meetings are held regularly once a month. However, a number of fund-raising activities are organised. These include visits to old people's and children's homes and an annual barbecue, to name a few.

Most of Ladies' Circle (Malta)'s funding is raised through activities and donations from individuals and organisations. These donations are in turn forwarded to a number of needy people and support groups who are found to be genuinely in need of help.

Since 1999 Ladies Circle (Malta) has been a full member of Ladies' Circle International. A number of preparations have been taking place so that the expected 600 guests may enjoy their visit to Malta. Guests are expected from various countries, including Finland, India, South Africa and Iceland.

During its recently held AGM, the Association of Ladies' Circle (Malta) elected its new national board. This is composed of Lucienne Selvagi, president; Joanna Agius, vice-president; Kathleen Messina Flynn, secretary; Rowena Cutajar, treasurer; Suzanna Micallef, vhairman Circle 1; Annette Cassar, chairman Circle 2; Michele Calleja, chairman Circle 3; and Rhona Samut-Tagliaferro, immediate past president.

More information about Ladies Circle is available on the internet:, and

AIESEC (Malta) recently held a reception at the Coastline Hotel, in Salina Bay, to give its alumni the opportunity to meet AIESEC teammates and current active members.

This also enabled the organisation to consolidate plans for the setting up of an alumni club.

This reception was a starting point for future activities, enabling alumni to continue participating in AIESEC activities after leaving university.

The event took off with a brief power-point presentation on the evolution of AIESEC, recalling past activities, some of which are still held.

Among the alumni, Joe Capello, who was an active member in 1973, and Claude Sciberras, a former Members' Committee president (MCP), spoke about their experiences and the benefits they gained from the organisation. A speech was also given by Nadine Zrinzo, current MCP, on the present situation of AIESEC (Malta).

The organisation hopes to set up an alumni association in Malta in the near future, since the committee believes that experience as a member can be beneficial even after university.

American Embassy closed tomorrow

The American Embassy will be closed on tomorrow for Memorial Day, an American national holiday.

The US Embassy will resume normal business hours on Tuesday.

For your diary

Car boot sales are being held today and every Sunday in aid of the disability programmes of Ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija, at the organisation's grounds in Marsascala, from 7 a.m. to noon.

Car boot sales are will held today and every Sunday in aid of the Vittoriosa Stars Football Club at the football ground in Vittoriosa, Il-Fortini, all day. Parking is no problem.

A bazaar in aid of the missions is being held at King's, Tower Road, Sliema, from tomorrow to Saturday, from 9.30 a.m.

A cultural outing to Gozo is being organised by Mellieha council, on Tuesday, June 3, at 7.30 a.m. Tickets, at Lm5.50 each, include lunch, transport from Mellieha to Cirkewwa, and all transport in Gozo. Bookings should be made at the council by Thursday.

A card party in aid of the Little Sisters of the Poor is being held at the Preluna Hotel, Sliema, on Wednesday June 4 from 10 a.m. For bookings phone Blanche Martin on 2133-0387.

The Malta Floral Club is organising the traditional Hat Luncheon at Villa Arrigo, San Pawl tat-Targa, on Thursday, June 5, at noon. There will be the end-of-year floral exhbition by members of the club. For more information, phone 2137-8716 by June 2.

The Malta Catholic Action is organising a trip to Gozo, on June 17.

A barbecue is being held at Hotel Les Lapins, Ta' Xbiex, on July 4. For bookings phone 2122-2239.


DR JOHANN SEBASTIAN DE BONO, MD, FRCP (UK), M.Sc., Ph.D., has been appointed senior lecturer and honorary consultant in Medical Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute for Cancer Research in London, which form Europe's largest comprehensive cancer centre.

Born in 1967, he is the son of Mario and Freda de Bono of Birzebbuga. Dr de Bono studied at St Aloysius College (1977-82) and the New Lyceum (1982-84). He graduated in Medicine with distinction from the University of Glasgow in 1989, and trained in Internal Medicine. He became a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) UK in 1992. He then spent four months serving as a physician, running a 176-bed mission hospital in East Africa.

Dr de Bono was awarded a four-year Cancer Research UK Clinical Research Scholarship in 1992 to pursue a Ph.D. in the regulation of stem cell proliferation, at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research in Glasgow. After completing his Ph.D. in 1997, he trained at the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow, where he was awarded a Master's with distinction in Oncology, in 1999.

He was then awarded a traveling scholarship by the Royal College of Physicians, which allowed him to pursue further research at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, US. After this, he pursued further research, developing new targeted anti-cancer drugs in the US, at Institute for Drug Development and the University of Texas Health Science Centre, the world's premier anti-cancer drug development centre, both in San Antonio. Dr de Bono worked in this institution from 2000 to earlier this year, where he initially appointed senior fellow and then faculty member. He was elected FRCP this year.

Dr de Bono has received many awards during his career including the American Society for Clinical Oncology Young Investigator Award and Merit Award, the prestigious Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinician-Scientist Award, and the Berlex Oncology Foundation Award.

He has been awarded research grants from many organisations including Cancer Research UK, the US National Institute of Health, the American Association of Cancer Research, the Federation of European Cancer Societies and the Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation.

He has published over 60 academic papers and presentations in scientific journals such as the British Medical Journal, the British Journal of Cancer, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, the Annals of Oncology, the Clinical Cancer Research, the European Journal of Cancer, the Breast Cancer Research, and the British Medical Bulletin.

He is the co-author of the book Current Cancer Therapeutics (fourth edition, Churchill Livingstone, 2002).

As senior lecturer and honorary consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital and Institute for Cancer Research in London, he will be directed investigational clinical trials of novel, targeted, anti-cancer drugs for patients with all types of malignancies. He will be focusing primarily on the treatment of patients with gastro-intestinal and prostate malignancies.

Maltese consul on Swedish TV

Konrad Cassar Naudi, Malta's honorary consul in Sweden, was recently interviewed on the local Swedish television channel, TV4.

The interview included topics about Mr Cassar Naudi's role as honorary consul, Malta's accession to the European Union and possible cultural and business co-operation between Sweden and Norrland, which is under his jurisdiction.

The interview, together with film shots of Malta, was broadcast during TV4's evening news.

Maltese-born Australian resident turns 100

Maltese-born Leone Grioli, who is in Altona, Victoria, Australia, turns 100 next Sunday.

Mr Grioli migrated to Australia in 1951 with his wife and 12 children: Joe, Marie, Theresa, Josephine, Laurie, Katie, Connie, Carmen, Toni, Doris, Fred and Rita.

Mr Grioli, the father of five generations, is also a proud grandfather of 51 children and a great grandfather over 40 children, most of whom reside in Australia.

Josephine is the only daughter who resides in Malta, with her husband Saviour Cachia, her five children and seven grandchildren.

Leone Grioli, who is about to celebrate his 100th birthday, with his daughter Josephine, the only member of his family residing in Malta.

President and Mrs de Marco's engagements

10 a.m. The President receives Chinese Ambassador Yang Guirong, at the Palace, Valletta.
12.30 p.m. The President receives the Hon. Valentina Aprea, Under-Secretary in the Italian Ministry of Education, accompanied by Francis Stivala, secretary-general of the National Student Travel Foundation (Malta).
7 The President attends a ceremony of the conferment of the Order of Friendship on Dr George Hyzler, on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation. Russian Ambassador Valentin S. Vlasov will be presenting the award at the Russian Embassy, Kappara.

10 a.m. The President is presented with a cheque in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund, from proceeds collected during the annual Jeans Day organised by Canon P.P. Pullicino Girls' Secondary School, at the Palace, Valletta.
11 The President receives the president and members of the Vieilles Maisons Francaises.
Noon The President receives members of the Youth Nursery of Brentford-on-Avon, UK.
6.30 p.m. The President attends a Mass celebrating Hamrun Day at the Immaculate Conception Church, Hamrun. This will followed by a reception at the local council offices.

10 a.m. The President, accompanied by John Dalli, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, pays an official visit to the Customs House, Valletta.
6.30 p.m. The President presides over a meeting of the Commission for the Administration of Justice at the Palace, Valletta.

9.15 a.m. The President visits Ir-Razzett tal-Hbiberija in Marsascala and inaugurates the multi-sensory project.
11 The President receives the Prime Minister at the Palace, Valletta.
Noon The President receives members of St Edmond's Catholic School Choir.
6 p.m. The President visits the Eden Foundation and presents donations on behalf of the Malta Community Chest Fund to individuals attending the programme in Bulebel.
8 The President attends a cultural evening organised by Kirkop council, celebrating Jum Kirkop at Kirkop Primary School.

12 a.m. The President receives Palestinian Ambassador Awad Yakhlef at the Palace, Valletta.
6 p.m. The President attends a reception hosted by French Ambassador Patrick Chrismant, on the occasion of the conferment of the Officier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres, on Professor Charles Camilleri, at his residence in Zebbug.
7 The President inaugurates an exhibition of paintings by Harry Alden at the BOV Centre, Sliema.
8 The President attends a musico-literary evening and unveils a commemorative plaque on the 75th anniversary of the St Joseph Band Club, Ghajnsielem.

7 p.m. The President inaugurates the museum hall at the General Workers Union Memorial Building, Valletta.


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