Proceeds in aid of YMCA homeless shelter

The First Maltahoops All Star Afternoon in aid of the YMCA Homeless Shelter will be organised next Sunday at the Ta' Qali Pavilion.

An action-packed afternoon is promised when some of the finest athletes on the island will compete in the first ever Slam Dunk competition to be held in Malta.

This will be preceded by a battle between the sharpshooters of the game of basketball as they vie for the honours in the Three Point Shooting competition. The afternoon closes with an All Star Game between a collection of the best players the Island has to offer.

The First Maltahoops All Star Afternoon promises to provide more than just basketball for those present, as the Kinnie Kool Cat will entertain children with his antics. There are also heaps of cool spot prizes for the general public to win. All this is combined with the chance to help those who are in need.

The YMCA homeless shelter will provide more than just a roof over the heads of those who have nowhere to go. Support will be given to those who will take refuge at the shelter, with the hope of providing a brighter future for them.

Maltahoops, an internet basketball forum, has chosen to help the YMCA in its endeavours due to the organisation's close links with basketball. Indeed basketball was invented by Dr James Naismith in a college run by the YMCA!

The programme: 2.30 p.m. Three Point Shooting competition; 3.30 p.m. Slam Dunk Competition; 4.15 p.m. All Star Game featuring Malta's top basketball players

The entrance fee for the whole afternoon is Lm1.50 for adults and 75c for children under 12 years.

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