YADA to perform in Spain, India

YADA Dance Company will be taking part in an international dance show in Madrid.

The company will be a presenting a variety of choreographic pieces showing Malta as a nation of hospitality, warmth and rich heritage.

Choreography is in the hands of Felix Busuttil, Justin Roy Barker and Vivienne Fielding Refalo.

The troupe will consist of seven dancers: Catherine Strawbridge, Fiona McKeown, Kristina Schranz, Claudine Zerafa, Daron Galea, Felix and Justin.

The company leaves for Spain on May 16 and returns on May 20.

The company will also perform at a five-star hotel in Mumbai, India, made possible through the initiative of Glow Entertainment based in Mumbai.

The company, consisting of five girls - Pheadra Borg, Tricia Cuschieri, Davinia Pule, Sharon Abela and Audrey Ellul Sullivan - will be resident dancers for a month.

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