Maria Brown

  • Muscat's progressive thinking

    Muscat's progressive thinking

    Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's address to the United Nations Assembly gave food for thought, for reasons that go beyond the statesmanship qualities that many have praised. As relevant as the leitmotifs of "cooperation", "dialogue" and "unity" may...

  • Egrant and politicians' children

    Egrant and politicians' children

    As a social scientist I know that missing data is as relevant as the available data, because what is unsaid has a lot to say about what is and is not valued. Recommendations on ‘the’ way forward further to magisterial inquiry on Egrant are no...

  • When football comes home

    When football comes home

    Some watch the World Cup for the love of the game or the team, getting together with beers, bar food and big screens, as well as the benign rivalry. Yet the World Cup is also fertile soil to question what happens when people come together, more so...

  • Confessional and parochial responses to risk management

    Confessional and parochial responses to risk management

    The confessional model is increasingly being used as a vehicle of risk management in the global service and knowledge-based economy. Thus, in preventive and remedial healthcare, in education, banking and insurance, prospective services’ end-users...

  • Educating post-millennials

    Educating post-millennials

    Most of us know that educational success is no guarantee of wellbeing in adulthood. Fewer of us are familiar with the debate on how educational success is related to precariousness. This is particularly relevant in Malta, where parental concern...