Petra Caruana Dingli

  • Corruption: The story will continue

    Corruption: The story will continue

    There could still be more upsetting revelations before next Saturday, swinging some straggling voters one way or another. But overall the mood is set. Whichever way you look at it, the story of this election is corruption. The outcome is still in...

  • Is Muscat credible?

    In politics, reputation is everything. Anyone who follows politics will have heard this countless times.Reputation determines credibility. People are judged on their behaviour patterns, which build up a picture. We understand a person’s character...

  • Dismantling the power station

    Dismantling the power station

    The new gas power station is not yet fully up and running, but the Marsa Power Station has now finally been closed and is being demolished. The new Sicily interconnector and increased capacity at Delimara have made it redundant. The dismantling of...