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John Baldacchino

  • Where modernity has never been

    Where modernity has never been

    While the debacle over the so-called Pembroke Towers unfolds, and where crowds and opinions have been literally bussed in, residents have no choice but confront powerful developers, while environmentalists are countered by the vested and political...

  • One more femicide too many

    One more femicide too many

    Last Saturday, Malta woke up to yet another murder of a woman, Lourdes Agius from Paola. She was 35. Her partner was arrested on suspicion, and the usual comments ensued. Apart from the shock of yet another victim of domestic abuse, on social...

  • Us migrants

    Us migrants

    Having worked and lived across Britain and the Unites States for just over 27 years, I have moved between England and Scotland, from the East Coast to the Midwest, while I was never inclined to regard myself as an emigrant, and less so as a...

  • When all bets are off

    When all bets are off

    Some time ago, when the Panama papers revealed two Maltese names which happened to be PEPs, or politically exposed persons, political opinion quickly exerted pressure on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to force them out of government. Yet, Muscat did...

  • Manichaeism, trees, and frozen embryos

    If you have strong feelings about either frozen embryos or trees, I advise you to stop reading now. I would respect you for it, and I would respect you more if you don’t give me the usual litanies, from which, frankly, we all need a break. First,...

  • Charles Miceli, Karl Marx and Dorothy Day

    Charles Miceli, Karl Marx and Dorothy Day

    The stars have a habit of misaligning badly. I have no affinity with astrology and never attributed anything in my life to celestial bodies, but on Friday morning (CST) I couldn't make sense of the terrible news which I got on social media: my old...

  • Saints, villains and shysters

    Saints, villains and shysters

    They deserve each other. In their perverse and often cruel triangulation, they have been holding politics hostage for many decades. I am speaking of those who claim to be saints, beatifying each other on any opportune moment; of the villains, who...

  • From Luther to Lenin

    From Luther to Lenin

    It’s been a month of anniversaries. Amongst other, we marked five centuries of Lutheran Reformation, and the Great October Revolution happened a hundred years ago, on the 7th November (depending which calendar one follows). At face value, Luther...

  • Justice and suspended judgement

    Justice and suspended judgement

    The more I read and follow what everyone has to say about the horrific murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, starting with the President, the Archbishop, the PM and the Leader of the Opposition, down to everyone else who quickly volunteer their...

  • Delia’s new politics of the right

    Delia’s new politics of the right

    The signs were there before he was even in the second round. They say he is articulate. What do you expect from a seasoned and successful lawyer? They say he has the gift of the gab. I am not sure when it comes to his idea of mimicking Mintoff.