Herman Grech

  • Hang on, they rescued a Maltese fisherman, not a black migrant

    Hang on, they rescued a Maltese fisherman, not a black migrant

    On Monday morning I joined a group of local and international journalists for the inaugural trip of Moas, the first private migrant rescue mission in Europe. By the time I returned to the office, there were streams of comments on online forums and...

  • ‘Oh my God that's horrible,’ and then go on eating their dinners

    Shortly after his release from a Libyan prison in 2011, American journalist James Foley warned against irrational risk-taking during a TV interview. “It’s not worth your life. It’s not worth seeing your mother, father, brother and sister bawling.

  • Pool’s out for burkini

    Pool’s out for burkini

    The story in last Saturday’s Times of Malta of a Maltese Muslim woman who was ordered out of the Marsa Sports Club pool for attempting to swim in her Islamic bathing constume predictably triggered off a passionate debate. Reactions ranged from...

  • Exiling the 'illegal immigrant'

    The media is largely responsible for fuelling racist and xenophobic sentiments. Yes, I’m the first to admit it. Some news organisations have been responsible for driving racist stereotypes of African migrants, often without realising it. Some...