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  • U iva mhux xorta

    Just days before the last general election a party candidate shared her frustration with me following a home visit.  "So I visited this home and the father said he and his entire family wouldn't vote for our party unless we cancel his unpaid...

  • Why us journalists are part of the problem

    Why us journalists are part of the problem

    I hate it when we choose to be too politically correct while ignoring the bigger picture. I strongly believe in protecting the rights of asylum seekers but I don’t subscribe to the idea of calling all migrants entering Europe “refugees”. Many of...

  • When fiction causes friction

    When fiction causes friction

    If you're a regular reader of the Daily Mail then you can’t be blamed for thinking the refugees trying to get into Europe are nothing more than marauders threatening European civilisation. While the constant scapegoating of migrants from the Nigel...

  • Beaten up – but he won’t take action

    Beaten up – but he won’t take action

    A message posted on Facebook by a woman last week immediately caught the eye of one of our reporters: “This African guy I know was spat upon and then beaten up by four or five men on returning home on the bus. He has a broken nose and...

  • How dare a black man tell us to stand in line?

    How dare a black man tell us to stand in line?

    I could bet my bottom dollar that were it a Maltese burly, foul-mouthed bully who was believed to have caused some commotion at the Valletta bus terminus, the police would have let him off with a friendly shoulder pat and the template ‘ejja nimxu...

  • When two tribes go to war

    When two tribes go to war

    Reading the online comments boards in reaction to the pro-environment protest I don’t know whether to laugh or cry in despair. “I hope Muscat ignores these time wasters,” wrote one. “The PN organised coaches from all localities,” claimed another.

  • 10 reasons to miss your Saturday treat

    10 reasons to miss your Saturday treat

    The Maltese are ominously imbued with unbearable lethargy. Unless our political party instructs us to take to the streets, we remain reluctant to protest against any kinds of injustices… especially if it doesn’t impact our pockets. Or else we...

  • Go chase the real cowboys!

    Go chase the real cowboys!

    It was the biggest planning infringement in the history of this law-abiding country and the authorities had no choice but to put up a show of force. A team of about 10 police officers and officials from the Malta Tourism Authority swooped down on...

  • Have we finally struck oil?

    “Satire is a lesson, parody is a game,” novelist Vladimir Nabokov once famously said. Many might be going to watch the satirical play Sibna ż-Zejt with the impression it would provide the staple slapstick we normally associate with theatre in...

  • Is it our fault?

    Is it our fault?

    The despicable British celebrity and columnist Katie Hopkins managed to sink to ridiculous lows through her column in The Sun when she compared migrants to cockroaches and advocated using gunships to stop them from entering Europe. Only recently...