Herman Grech

  • Naqilgħu tkaxkira, they say

    Naqilgħu tkaxkira, they say

    The warning was clear: “After the next election, it would be the turn of others, like The Times and The Malta Independent to be swept away (jaqilgħu tkaxkira) so nobody would stand in the people's path to progress and prosperity.” The message was...

  • Write or wrong?

    Write or wrong?

    The threat was spelt out in no uncertain terms: “If U dont publish my comment I will sew you (sic)”…  The reader, let’s call him Joe Bloggs, took umbrage at Times of Malta’s online moderator for deleting two comments he had posted in reaction to a...

  • One sandwich short of a picnic

    One sandwich short of a picnic

    The police’s decision to question two protesters because they took part in a ‘picnic protest’ on Sunday to try to highlight the destruction of our environment epitomises all that is wrong with Malta’s authorities. Fine, the police might be...

  • Label me

    Label me

    The allegations against Allied Newspapers' managing director came like a bolt out of the blue, and shocked our news organisation's employees to the core. So you can imagine the hurt most of us felt when our editorial credibility was put into...

  • Know your enemy

    Know your enemy

    Three hospitals and a school were hit in air strikes in northern Syria, killing 23 people. Syrian government forces are believed to be behind the bombing. Turkey squarely blamed Russia. It is yet another bloody chapter of the horror story called...

  • Ch-ch-ch-changes... David Bowie's final trick

    Ch-ch-ch-changes... David Bowie's final trick

    My mobile phone went into overdrive around 8am this morning when news started leaking that rock legend David Bowie had died, aged 69. My admiration for the Thin White Duke has persisted since my brother indoctrinated me with the album Heroes in 1977.

  • Stop this in 2016

    Stop this in 2016

    “If journalists won’t take a stand for core liberties — and then be leaders in the campaign to save or restore them — we’ll be fit to call ourselves entertainers, and not much else.” - Dan Gillmor While the concept of activist journalism is up for...

  • U iva mhux xorta

    Just days before the last general election a party candidate shared her frustration with me following a home visit.  "So I visited this home and the father said he and his entire family wouldn't vote for our party unless we cancel his unpaid...

  • Why us journalists are part of the problem

    Why us journalists are part of the problem

    I hate it when we choose to be too politically correct while ignoring the bigger picture. I strongly believe in protecting the rights of asylum seekers but I don’t subscribe to the idea of calling all migrants entering Europe “refugees”. Many of...

  • When fiction causes friction

    When fiction causes friction

    If you’re a regular reader of the Daily Mail then you can’t be blamed for thinking the refugees trying to get into Europe are nothing more than marauders threatening European civilisation. While the constant scapegoating of migrants from the Nigel...