Herman Grech

  • Leave our rubbish alone!

    Leave our rubbish alone!

    A WhatsApp message from a friend on Saturday morning was accompanied by several angry face emojis: “I’m ashamed to say I’m the only Maltese person who bothered to show up for the clean-up in the north of the island”. A French friend later shared a...

  • We refuse to be part of the freak show

    We refuse to be part of the freak show

    Like other news organisations, we were sent the video of what looks like a severely disturbed woman jumping naked into a rubbish truck and resisting the police in Paceville. While the video is perfect fodder for clickbait we decided not to publish...

  • “Kulħadd irid jiekol”

    “Kulħadd irid jiekol”

    My car was forced to a standstill as a heavy vehicle bulldozed its way into the street through a cloud of dust, belching noxious fumes in its wake. A flimsy steel fence separated a gaping deep hole in the rock face from several stranded drivers...

  • 10 (depressing) things learnt from election 2017

    10 (depressing) things learnt from election 2017

    Gripped by Panamagate amid warnings of Armageddon, the 2017 election campaign has been a four-week binge of mudslinging, venom, misinformation and mass hysteria. So what have we learnt? 1. We have failed abysmally on critical thinking. Critical...

  • Where's everybody?

    Where's everybody?

    Nothing could have stopped the iconic Azure Window succumbing to its watery death. The most the authorities could have (possibly) done is to somewhat prolong its life until nature decided to take its toll. Its eventual collapse was always going to...

  • Fake off

    Fake off

    Donald Trump has been be crowned president of the 'free world', whatever that means. Claims that the so-called 'fake news' phenomenon alone led him to his throne are grossly exaggerated, though it certainly did give him a helping hand. But there...

  • Jungle all the way

    Jungle all the way

    When the news emerged on January 10 that rock legend David Bowie had died, I was among the army of fans who went into overdrive to try to explain the terrible implications to anybody who dared to listen. Seven months later, a particular tweet...

  • It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

    It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)

    The classic REM song was uploaded by an incredulous friend on Facebook on Wednesday morning as the world was jolted out of its sleep to discover that a misogynistic, narcissistic, serial liar had been elected president of the so-called land of the...

  • Why we’ve ditched comments to some online stories

    Why we’ve ditched comments to some online stories

    Last week, we uploaded a story about a horrific traffic accident in Sliema, which was captured on CCTV. Within minutes, the story elicited scores of online comments - some were objective, others perfect fodder for conspiracy theories, the majority...

  • Have I got news for you?

    Have I got news for you?

    When I watched John Oliver's 19-minute rant on the doom and gloom facing the newspaper industry, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. The TV host joined the dots to outline the way cash-strapped news organisations could inevitably lead to...