Ramona Depares

  • The PN's radical obsession with abortion

    The PN's radical obsession with abortion

    I haven't really written about the (non) debate that is abortion in Malta, mostly because it's such a personal topic and everyone has their views anyway. But at this point I'm too concerned not to comment about a recent statement made by the...

  • 'Everything is seen through a political filter - I'm sick of it'

    'Everything is seen through a political filter - I'm sick of it'

    Valletta 2018 Artistic Director for Special Events Mario Philip Azzopardi talks about elitism in the arts, sustainability and the scope of a European City of Culture. Interview by Ramona Depares. It’s been a week since Valletta 2018 officially...

  • Enabling gender violence?

    Enabling gender violence?

    It’s official. This country’s political system has not only lost the plot but also the entire script to sanity. So prurient is our MPs' obsession with abortion – and anything related to sex or procreation, for that matter - that it has caused...

  • Pardon William

    Pardon William

    Fact: prison is anything but a rehabilitation service and most people get out of there even less inclined to live a law-abiding life than they were before.Fact: a first stint in prison rarely stops there and former inmates, mostly thanks to a...

  • Calling out the sophists

    Calling out the sophists

    I don’t know about you, but I really do not appreciate being taken for a ride. And the stance of the new leader of the opposition regarding IVF parental leave feels exactly like that is what is happening. For those who haven’t been following: PN...

  • We never learn

    We never learn

    I write this while still in shock from yesterday’s events.   Soon after news came in of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s execution – because that’s what it was, really, wasn’t it? The word ‘murder’ doesn’t even start to touch at the...

  • Rewarding sexual predators

    Rewarding sexual predators

    I’m fed up of having to write these posts, seriously. Then again, the alternative is to just accept everything without a whisper, allowing the system to ride roughshod on unfortunate individuals as it pleases. So, despite, knowing that I will not...

  • Tear the other cheek

    Tear the other cheek

    I was not going to blog about the whole New York Best campaign saga, because we are in the 21st century and we really should not even be acknowledging the opinion of those who would like to drag us back to the 18th. Let them express their opinion,...

  • My first time

    My first time

    Voting. Back when I was simply excited to finally obtain what I believed to be a degree of influence on the way my country is run (disillusion followed fast). And back to when I probably voted for all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons.

  • MaltaFiles and public perception

    It's been a sad month for Malta. Allegations of corruption galore and, no matter whether you're Team Red or Team Blue or Team Let's Check Out What's Actually Happening Before Deciding (blessed be your rare souls), one thing we have to be all in...