Victor Calleja

  • Do you suffer from Trumpitis?

    Do you suffer from Trumpitis?

    I can’t deny that I am in rather a deranged state when I wake up in the middle of the night. Whether I break out in a sweat during a horrendous nightmare or stir from a sweet dream, the first thing I do when I come to is check the time on my phone.

  • From watch towers to grabbers’ towers

    From watch towers to grabbers’ towers

    This is the year 2017. We live in enlightened days, the best of times. We have class, cash, chic style, classic and fancy cars. You name it, we have it. We, the Maltese, are the privileged of the Mediterranean. Nothing is wrong here; and if, like...

  • Let harmony reign

    Let harmony reign

    I love weddings. When the spouses are people close to me I feel - like most of us do no doubt - a deep feeling of love. Marriage is a beautiful bond, celebrating all that is good in life: life itself, love, partnership and a promise of lifelong...

  • Small dogs, big dogs and silly laughs

    Small dogs, big dogs and silly laughs

    While Joseph Muscat, his followers and his many admirers gloat and plan more good times for all of us, the PN are seemingly at a low ebb not imaginable even in the worst sadist’s thoughts. The PN did not only lose the election, they were...

  • Master Crooks

    Malta’s Destiny had a chance of pushing our international musical reputation sky-high but alas she lost out even if she gave a superb show and should have been a winner.  Malta does shine in many aspects of life. We have seen...

  • Buffoonery has no place in politics

    Buffoonery has no place in politics

    In a world where some laughs are in order and disorder seems the order of the day, a politician with a great sense of timing and humour sounds like fun. But politics is not fun and when politicians are funny in a very sad way then they should be...

  • Let’s stop humming and hawing about the MFSA chairman

    Let’s stop humming and hawing about the MFSA chairman

    Politics is often something of a circus with strange acts by politicians and stranger ones by those chosen by politicians to head our most important institutions. Back in time, but coincidentally also when Labour were in power, we even had a...

  • Long live the king

    Long live the king

    “I’ll call an election,” said the king, standing near his castle. All talk of greed, hidden accounts, corruption, investigations, kickbacks and Iranian banks are causing undue pressure on this fabled land.” And, like the famed magician the king...

  • Tick tock Tick tock

    Tick tock Tick tock

    According to the latest opinion polls the Labour Party will win the next election. And of the two potential prime ministers after the next election, the people trust Joseph Muscat more. I thought the two—Joseph Muscat and the Labour Party—were...

  • The scourge of omertà

    The scourge of omertà

    Francis Vassallo, an expert in the financial world, recently spoke out without reservation and declared that the situation in Malta is beyond worrying. He went as far as to say that unless the competent authorities take action immediately the...