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Victor Calleja

  • Signs from the after-life

    Signs from the after-life

    When Daphne Caruana Galizia was still alive and giving us a near-daily commentary on the ills, scandals and horror stories of this blighted land, she wrote one blog-post which is still referred to by many of her various enemies as justification...

  • Damned by numbers

    Damned by numbers

    Some consider numbers meaningful. So meaningful that they could be the language of God, the hidden code of the universe. Like everything else, all this could be a load of hogwash. But numbers in this little fish pond of ours, which many of us...

  • The light that will never be extinguished

    The light that will never be extinguished

    Beyond our shores people pay tribute to Daphne. While here, on this blighted rock, Owen and his sad lot spew rubbish to defend the indefensible. They pontificate about the money spent to clean a memorial, saying more trash than the cleansing...

  • No to Brexit, yes to Dexit

    No to Brexit, yes to Dexit

    When the Brits decided to pull out of the EU they obviously, even if most perversely, thought it was the right decision. The Brits, those old Empire-lovers, sang their hurrahs and said sod off to all those confused and confusing...

  • John Suda wins another big award

    John Suda wins another big award

    A few days ago, journalist blogger Manuel Delia listed his most read blog posts. Some were quite obviously top of the pops material. Then you go higher and you get to number one, which has attracted most interest and hits. And it hits you in the...

  • Because football matters

    Because football matters

    The World Cup will soon kick off. Hurrah—what marvellous news. What a breath of freshest air. We can now get down to a serious and profound discussion of things that really matter for our lifeblood. Out with the garbage about freedoms and rule of...

  • Lest we forget and we be damned

    Lest we forget and we be damned

    Six months ago a journalist’s murder shook the world. The world and a few of us, a poor deranged few of us, are still in shock. But on the whole life in Malta goes on as usual. We, the few, sound like old, battered records going on and on.

  • Isn’t incest illegal?

    Isn’t incest illegal?

    Malta's Finance Minister declared that the rate of corruption today is no higher than it was in the past. I have no clue how the honourable gentleman worked this out but, whatever method he used, this conclusion is still shocking. It is shocking...

  • Down the rabbit hole we go

    Down the rabbit hole we go

    Down some rabbit hole where all is upside down there is, I like to think, a parallel world where all is rosy, where it is truly L-Aqwa Żmien (the best of times) as sloganed, oh so pathetically, by Joseph Muscat and his cronies. Some time ago, down...

  • The more you desecrate, the weaker you are

    The more you desecrate, the weaker you are

    Nobody can deny that only a few hundred turn up for any event commemorating Daphne Caruana Galizia. It’s truer still - and crueller - that few youths care enough to come. But this is not a numbers game; numbers are obviously all in favour of...