A German match produced a rare moment of football honesty after a player admitted he dived as his team was awarded a penalty.

Antonio Munoz-Bonilla went down in phases in the penalty area with his side losing 2-0, prompting the referee to the spot.

The decision sparked wild protests from SF Baumberg players who surrounded the referee but seconds later Munoz-Bonilla wandered over to the huddle and admitted to the official he had dived.

The referee accepted the player's honesty and reversed the decision. The gesture did not go unnoticed and the opposition players made their way over to Munoz to thank him individually and give him a hug.

The incident is reminiscent of a similar situation in the British Premier League when Liverpool's Robbie Fowler admitted he had dived in the box. But contrary to the German official, the British referee forged ahead and awarded the penalty.


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