When popular video blogger Nas Daily uploaded a video questioning religions for spending millions on expensive places of worship, he used footage of the Mosta Dome to make his point.

Now a local Catholic group have answered the vlogger’s question by taking a leaf out of his book.

In a video modeled on the Nas Daily one-minute clips, members of True Light Catholic Media Foundation argue that beautiful places of worship exist for the same reason people build grand parliament buildings, theatres and stadiums – as a symbol of the value ascribed to the activity.

“For us, churches are not just places to meet. They are places where we give glory to someone, someone infinitely greater than ourselves. And therefore these places deserve to be amazing,” the narrator says, as his words are captioned in the typical white-and-yellow Nas Daily subtitle style.

In the original Nas Daily video, vlogger Nuseir Yassin had said he was perplexed by the opulence of religious buildings he had visited all over the world.

“If I were to talk to God, I don’t think he would want us to spend millions on buildings to worship him. I think he would say: sell the gold, take the money, and help humans in need,” he told his followers.

True Light Catholic Media Foundation responded to that by arguing that the Catholic church’s acts of giving – from food to clothes, healthcare and money - made it the “world’s largest charitable organisation”.

Selling churches off would not solve anything, the foundation argues, because they help keep the church’s work going and, just as importantly, because they are part of a culture’s national heritage.

The video ends on a lighter note, as the narrator wraps things up with a play on the Nas Daily “one minute” closer.

“And that’s two, maybe three minutes,” he tells the camera.

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