Nuseir Yassin admits he feared he might be accentuating the rhetoric against foreigners when he re-told the story of a drunk Libyan migrant hurling abuse at him in Malta. 

"I'm going to be known as the guy who was attacked by a Libyan. I wasn't attacked. I made a video advocating why Libyans should be in Malta, why Libyans and Serbians are the best thing that can happen to Malta," says the 26-year-old Palestinian-Israeli vlogger known as Nas.

Watch: World-famous vlogger threatened in Malta... but watch how he turns it around

Video: Times Talk

Nas, who has been producing videos from Malta for a week together with his team, is hailed as one of the most influential vloggers in the world - and he is determined to leave his mark on an island he says he got to love.  

He is inviting his followers to gather in Valletta on Saturday afternoon to convince the authorities to change Malta's tourism tagline to "Oh, my Malta!"

"I'm surprised that the Maltese fight each other politically so much. From an outsider's perspective this country is incredible. Even a**holes like taxi drivers are nice after you haggle with them... Malta has been one of the most welcoming, if not the most welcoming countries we've been to."

Nas explains why he gave up a $120,000 a year job in New York to travel the world while shooting videos but rejects the label of "influencer", despite his 5.7 million Facebook followers.

"I'm just a guy who makes one-minute videos daily," he says, yet the concise content has not stopped him from tackling delicate issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

He also believes the story narrative has dramatically changed in recent years and refuses to buy into the claims that Facebook has lost its privacy battle. 


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