Hunters may have reported catching just 128 quails during last year's spring hunting season, but according to their lobby group's CEO, respect for the rules is at an all-time high. 

In this Times Talk interview, FKNK CEO Lino Farrugia says it's only natural for hunters and trappers to "feel like we're victims", with the noose of EU rules and regulations growing tighter with every passing year. 

The increased pressure and scrutiny has led to a sea change in hunters' observance of the rules, Mr Farrugia argues. 

"Things have improved, and improved a lot - a thousandfold, if not a millionfold," he says as he insists that self-reporting of bird catches is the "best available data" and an accurate reflection of the truth. 

"It's a shame people who are anti-hunting refuse to acknowledge that things have improved."  

Mr Farrugia is happy to acknowledge hunters and trappers' political clout - "there are 16,000 of us plus our families, and politicians take that into account" -  and also lays into BirdLife Malta, saying their claims about trapping sites are intended to mislead. 

Watch the full interview in the above video.

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