The Federation of Malta Aquaculture Producers has launched an educational campaign on the media stressing that its members too have a responsibility, along with others, to protecting the sea. 

The federation said it understood that for many years, sustainable development was not a priority. But the future demanded environmental protection in everybody's interest. No activity could be sustainable if it had a bad impact on the environment.

The federation also pointed out that commercial activity (fish farming) helped ensure that the natural fish population did not decrease. It also provided food to many communities.  

The theme of the campaign is One Sea, Our Sea. 

READ: Sea slime re-appears, as fish farm operators announce self-regulation measures

Earlier this month, fish-farm operators announced a series of self-regulatory measures after they were blamed for a reappearance of sea slime appeared along the coast.

Four out of Malta’s five fish farm operators promised to observe a set of common standards when feeding penned fish.

These include having booms to collect oily residues and assigning a skimmer-equipped boat to each pen, which will be responsible for collecting any waste material in the area.

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