Two tourists sustained serious injuries after they were beaten by two bouncers after they allegedly tried to re-enter a club they had been ejected from.

Andrew Michael Wunder, 25, claims two security guards attacked him and his friend, when the two tried to get back into the Paceville establishment.

"My friend got kicked out when he unbuttoned his shirt because he did not know it breached the rules. I went to tell them to let him back in and apologise but they started getting aggressive and calling us names," Mr Wunder said.

"I got frustrated and deliberately spilled a drink on the floor, at which point the two bouncers attacked me," Mr Wunder told Times of Malta.

He also claimed the two bouncers adopted a very "condescending" and "homophobic" tone when they were addressing the two men. 

The friend then tried to pull the bouncers off Mr Wunder but was pushed hard into a metal rod erected outside the establishment. 

Photos uploaded on social media show Mr Wunder's bleeding face, while his friend  sustained arm injuries.

The two resorted to help from police patrolling the area but when the bouncer was confronted, the police "blindly believed" his version of events.

They should only kick me out... not beat me up

"He told them that we had been involved in a fight, when that wasn't the case," Mr Wunder said.

Attempts to reach out to the club owner were in vain.

The incident upset the 25-year-old, but it did not put a damper on his two-week holiday in Malta. 

"I think homophobia is one thing, that is hard to change, but the hyper-masculine aggression that the bouncers use with people is a problem. They shouldn’t react this way with people who simply pour a drink on the floor," he said.

"They should only kick me out... not beat me up," Mr Wunder added.

Gay activist Clayton Mercieca, who highlighted the incident online, insisted entertainment bouncers should not resort to violence at every opportunity they get.

"This is wrong on so many levels," he said.

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