We are one of the participating schools in the Water Wisdom project under the EU Socrates programme. Sixty children from our school were invited to attend the launching of the project at the Institute of Water Technology, an event we thoroughly all enjoyed. On behalf of the children, we would like to thank Ernest Azzopardi and his team at the institute for a very enjoyable learning experience. We were impressed by the teamwork, dedication, preparation and the smooth running of the event.

This was real learning away from school. The wise use of water and care for the environment underpinned all activities. Upon arrival, the children were divided into groups and each group was taken round by very able staff who went out of their way to explain and answer children`s questions.

At the theme park, children could see the history of water from the times of the Knights. In the library, children were introduced to a wide selection of publications on water and the environment and they also took part in an interactive session on computer.

The simple experiments in the mini-lab really impressed the children, particularly as it was hands-on and as they were also given a learning pack to try out at school. But the highlight of the experience was the visit to Ta` Kandja underground galleries. Though children know the area well, very few had actually visited the galleries before.

Other children have been asking to visit the theme park and in fact we shall be taking another group. This time learning will be extended to include art, music and creative writing.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the institute for their constant support whenever we call for educational material related to water.

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